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IoT Week 2021 Conference

IoT Week 2021 is taking place virtually between August 30 and September 3. IoTAC will be presented on September1, in the session Edge Intelligence and Industrial Internet of Things. You can register for the online event at https://iotweek.org/registration-for-the-online-event-2021/.

Release & Deploy Phase Methodology

With all the interconnected devices in the world, integrated seamless communication is a must. This always-available access is seemingly at odds with the goal of security. Additionally, the way in which applications are built has changed over time with many companies merging agile techniques with development and operation processes. The…

Demonstrations of First Results

Approaching the 1st year anniversary of the IoTAC project, on 16. July 2021 a major part of the regular Technical Committee Meeting of the project was dedicated to the demonstration of proof of concepts and prototypes of the various components of the secure IoTAC architecture. Some basic features of the…
Andras Vilmos
July 19, 2021

Call For Papers: EuroCybersec2021 Workshop, 25-26 October 2021, Nice, FR

After the highly successful EuroCybersec2018 organized by Prof. Erol Gelenbe (IITIS-PAN & Lab I3S, Université Côte d’Azur), whose proceedings with Springer enjoyed over 140,000 downloads, IoTAC will organize the EuroCybersec2021 Workshop in Nice, France, chaired by Prof. Gelenbe with the help of a Program Committee of experts. The deadline for paper…
July 12, 2021

Latest ETSI Standards for IoT Testing Specifications

ETSI has released a first set of seven standards addressing the testing of the IoT MQTT and CoAP protocols, and the foundational security IoT-Profile. The ETSI TS 103 596 series provides an overall test suite structure and catalogue of test purposes for the Constrained Application Protocol (CoAP). The ETSI TS 103 597 series…