8 attacks against a smart home every 24 hours – The Bitdefender – NETGEAR 2023 IoT Security Landscape Report

By June 15, 2023June 22nd, 2023News

„The 2023 IoT Security Landscape Report” by Bitdefender and NETGEAR is based on threat intelligence sampled in 2022 by 2.6 million smart homes around the world, which are protected by NETGEAR Armor powered by Bitdefender. The report summarizes the vulnerabilities and attack scenarios from about 120 million smart home IoT devices generating 3.6 billion security events.

In the US, households have an average of 46 devices connected to the Internet, while in Europe, this number is 25 devices. These home networks see an average of 8 attacks against devices every 24 hours!

Smart TVs are the most vulnerable devices, with 52% of IoT vulnerabilities identified by Bitdefender affecting them. Smart plugs, which monitor energy usage, are the second most vulnerable device, accounting for 13% of identified IoT vulnerabilities.

Most of the attacks relied on already known common vulnerabilities and exposures, but it takes time to deliver fixes for the devices already deployed in smart homes, and this gives cybercriminals a window of opportunity.

Denial of Service remains the number one attack type with over 84% of all incidents recorded.

The full Bitdefender – NETGEAR report can be downloaded at https://www.bitdefender.com/files/News/CaseStudies/study/429/2023-IoT-Security-Landscape-Report.pdf.

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