Submission deadline extended until 1. October 2021!

Call For Papers and Work-in-Progress Presentations

EuroCybersec2021 Workshop
25-26 October 2021, Nice, FR


After the highly successful EuroCybersec2018 organized by Prof. Erol Gelenbe (IITIS-PAN & Lab I3S, Université Côte d’Azur), whose proceedings with Springer enjoyed over 140,000 downloads, IoTAC will organize the EuroCybersec2021 Workshop in Nice, France, chaired by Prof. Gelenbe with the help of a Program Committee of experts. The deadline for paper submissions is September 17 October 1, 2021.
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IoTAC Use Case: Connected Car

The new IoTAC security model for IoT architectures will be deployed and validated in four different pilots, representing diverse industry domains. In the case of the connected car, the pilot will provide a cooperative, connected and automated (CCAM) scenario, where V2X (Vehicle to Everything) data exchange enables cooperative manoeuvres integrating…

Release & Deploy Phase Methodology

With all the interconnected devices in the world, integrated seamless communication is a must. This always-available access is seemingly at odds with the goal of security. Additionally, the way in which applications are built has changed over time with many companies merging agile techniques with development and operation processes. The…