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Piotr Fröhlich, Erol Gelenbe, Jerzy Fiołka, Jacek Checinski, Mateusz Nowak and Zdzisław Filus


Fröhlich P, Gelenbe E, Fiołka J, Chęciński J, Nowak M, Filus Z. 2021. Smart SDN Management of Fog Services to Optimize QoS and Energy. Sensors. 21, 3105, 2021.

Journal: Sensors / Volume 21 / Issue 9 Authors: Fröhlich P, Gelenbe E, Fiołka J, Chęciński J, Nowak M, Filus Z. Abstract: The short latency required by IoT devices that need to access specific services have led to the development of Fog architectures that can serve as a useful intermediary between IoT systems and the…