Bosch acquired Five to accelerate development of autonomous driving

The acquisition of the company that is active in software development for safe automated driving will further advance Bosch’s market position in software and automated driving. Bosch, a global leader in driving assistance technologies, aims to become the only company that can offer its customers all the necessary building blocks of automated driving from a single source – from actuators, sensors, and maps to software and the engineering environment.

Automated driving constitutes a strategic business field for Bosch, having laid the foundation for all automation levels at an early stage. Bosch is developing solutions for SAE Levels 1 to 4 – from driver assistance to partially and conditionally automated systems, and on to automated driving systems.

With the acquisition of Five, Bosch aims to strengthen its innovation leadership in the domain of automated driving. Automated driving is one of the use cases of IoT where security is of primary importance. The IoTAC project also validates its security architecture with an automated driving pilot.

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