Canada, Singapore and the UK work together to promote and support the security of IoT devices

In a joint statement, the governments of the UK, Canada and Singapore expressed their position that appropriate cyber security requirements must be built into IoT devices from the design stage, rather than placing this burden on consumers.

The three governments are working together to promote and support the development of international standards and industry guidance, and encourage approaches that incorporate internationally recognised security requirements and avoid fragmentation.

The cooperation aims to reduce duplication of testing and to prevent to apply multiple schemes underpinned by identical or very similar requirements. They are also promoting global alignment on best practices, encouraging international recognition and alignment with emerging baseline security requirements for IoT devices, and the adoption of international standards.

The three countries are working together under the auspices of the Working Group on Cyber Security for Consumer Connected Products of the Agile Nations inter-governmental regulatory cooperation network. Agile Nations was launched November 2020, with the participation of seven countries (Canada, Denmark, Italy, Japan, Singapore, UK and UAE) with the intent of practical collaboration on emerging technology.

The official joint statement of intent can be read here.

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