Dékány D, Vajta L. 2021. Shifting Towards the Highly Distributed Energy Ecosystem. Workshop on the Advances of Information Technology 2021 (WAIT 2021).


Workshop on the Advances of Information Technology 2021 (WAIT 2021)

Dékány D, Vajta L


Transforming a whole energy ecosystem from market mechanisms through the infrastructure upgrades and control operations to the behavior of the very last consumer takes a while. It has been already happening and we need to come up with solutions to face the coming challenges. The old, vertically integrated and centralized operation model is becoming a generally distributed network, where the consumers can become prosumers, energy flow is not one-directional, grid control operations are based on distributed optimization algorithms, and grid agents can effectively shape the characteristics of their consumption or generation. Different approaches are presented in this paper that could help the transformation of the energy ecosystem. Novel techniques are investigated to optimize grid control operations and market level cooperation as well. In the end, some suggestions for future work will be made.

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