The SerIoT project, the result of which is exploited in the IoTAC project, was coordinated by the Institute of Theoretical and Applied Informatics, Polish Academy of Sciences.

SerIoT introduced self-awareness into software-defined networking (SDN) through a patented cognitive packet network (CPN) in which the packets route themselves adaptively via SDN controllers with integrated AI. Attack and security detectors support rerouting of traffic to avoid items or areas that may be insecure due to threats or attacks.

Each cognitive packet is thus self-aware, adaptive and intelligent, reacting not only to security issues but also network congestion or changes in energy consumption to improve the IoT system’s or network’s performance.

SerIoT not only allows the IoT system to operate normally while under attack, but even at such times it saves energy and optimises performance. It can be installed in existing SDN technology, allowing the approach to be ported to many unforeseen applications.

You can read more about the SerIoT project result at

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