Global Platform and ioXt Alliance Memorandum of Understanding

By August 5, 2022August 6th, 2022News

Global Platform and the ioXt Alliance have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to collaborate on aligning IoT security schemes, help harmonize standards and reduce fragmentation across the cybersecurity industry.

“By simplifying security evaluation, and reusing certified components, manufacturers and vendors are provided with assurances that products will be protected and meet regulations, with decreased costs and time to market.” – said GlobalPlatform Technical Director, Gil Bernabeu.

“Together, the two will ensure connected products are protected all the way from silicon-level through to end products and services, as comprehensive security should be implemented from the ground up.” – added ioXt Director of Operations, Grace Burkard.

This is an important step towards the introduction of harmonized security standards for IoT. However, it will be important to align this initiative with that of Enisa’s forthcoming related activities.

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