IoT Device Security Survey by Pulse and Keyfactor

By May 17, 2022May 24th, 2022News

In a survey prepared by Pulse and Keyfactor, one hundred IoT product and manufacturing leaders in the US and Canada were asked about their security strategy and approach, and the challenges they face.

Only 16% of respondents are significantly and another 46% are moderately concerned about the security risk of their connected IoT devices, and just 42% have a clear strategy regarding their device identities. 43% have a solid strategy for updating security when algorithms or standards change.

With the increasing quantity of IoT devices, tracking inventory across the field (53%) and detecting device changes (49%) are the most substantial security challenges for IoT leaders.

Just 34% of IoT leaders rate their approach to security implementation as good or advanced, with 30% saying it needs improvement.

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