IoT Threat Report from Palo Alto Networks

By April 22, 2021June 21st, 2021News

For their “The Connected Enterprise: IoT Security Report 2020”, Palo Alto Networks surveyed 1,350 IT decision-makers globally to get insight into business IoT security practices.

The survey results show that while most IT decision-makers (95%) are confident that they have visibility of all the IoT devices on their organizations’ networks, more than half of them recognize that they need to make a lot of improvement (41%) or a complete overhaul (17%) to improve their current IoT security practices. At the same time, the number of IoT devices on their networks has been increasing continuously.

In their infographic “State of Enterprise IoT Security in 2020” Palo Alto Networks present the IoT devices with the highest share of security issues. The top three devices are: medical imaging systems (51%), security cameras (33%) and patient monitoring systems (26%).

For more information, download the Palo Alto Networks survey from and the infographic from .

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