IoTAC Contributions to Standardization Activities

Based on the results of the standardisation work of the IoTAC project, Fraunhofer FOKUS has introduced two new work items (NWI) to the ETSI Technical Committee “Methods for Testing and Specification” (TC MTS): IoT security module testing (technical specification) and IoT security architecture conformity (technical report). Both will be elaborated in the TC MTS Testing Working Group (WG TST). The work program is public and can be seen on the ETSI portal.

We would like to say thank you for the contribution of CERTH and Telekom Security, who are rapporteurs of the two NWIs.

The functional modules developed in the IoTAC project are presented in the AIOTI document High Priority Edge Computing Standardization Gaps and Relevant SDOs.

The comment DE39 for the 2nd Edition of the ISO/IEC 30141 was also discussed in a recent DoC meeting. There will be modifications and the IoTAC input is intended for clause 10.2.

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