EC Proposal for the Joint Cyber Unit

By September 17, 2021October 3rd, 2021News

The Commission proposed on 23. June 2021 to build a new Joint Cyber Unit (JCU) as a platform to strengthen cooperation to prevent, deter and respond to cyberattacks. The JCU aims to strengthen cooperation among EU Institutions, Agencies, Bodies and the authorities in the Member States.

The need for a Joint Cyber Unit (JCU) was outlined in the EU Cybersecurity Strategy. The JCU will be built in 4 step, until June 2023:

  1. assess the organisational aspects and identify EU operational capabilities by 31 December 2021;
  2. prepare national incident and crisis response plans and roll out joint preparedness activities by 30 June 2022;
  3. operationalise the JCU by mobilising EU Rapid Reaction teams, following procedures defined in the EU incident and crisis response plan by 31 December 2022;
  4. involve private sector partners, users and providers of cybersecurity solutions and services, to increase information sharing and to be able to escalate EU coordinated response to cyber threats by June 2023.

This week, during the Slovenian Presidency of the Council of the European Union, ENISA and the DG Connect organized a workshop on how to take forward the proposal.

Detailed information about the Joint Cyber Unit can be found at

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