Nowak M, Pecka P. 2022. Routing Algorithms Simulation for Self-Aware SDN. Electronics. 2022, 11, 104.

By December 29, 2021April 20th, 2022Publications

Electronics. 2022, 11, 104.

Nowak M, Pecka P.

This paper presents a self-aware network approach with cognitive packets, with a routing engine based on random neural networks. The simulation  study, performed using a custom simulator extension of OmNeT++, compares RNN routing with other routing methods. The performance results of RNN-based routing, combined with the distributed nature of its operation inaccessible to other presented methods, demonstrate the advantages of introducing neural networks as a decision-making mechanism in selecting network paths. This work also confirms the usefulness of the simulator for SDN networks with cognitive packets and various routing algorithms, including RNN-based routing engines.

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