OT and IoT Threat Environment Landscape Analysis Report 2023 by Sectrio

Sectrio published its OT and IoT Threat Environment Landscape Analysis Report 2023.

The report has been prepared from threat intelligence gathered by Sectrio’s honeypot network in over 80 cities across the world, including over 8000 physical and virtual devices covering over 4000 device architectures. Over 18 million attacks a day are registered across this network, which are then marked according to a threat rank index, developed by Sectrio.

Cyberattacks globally grew by 188% in 2022, and over 95% of all businesses were exposed to cyberattacks of one form or other, from Business Email Compromise to data theft and loss of assets and capital investments. The number of phishing emails intercepted by Sectrio’s threat research team has gone up by 779 percent in 2022. The threat surface area expanded, as with the unchecked addition of untested devices with questionable supply chain origins and lack of security audits and testing, it was only a matter of time before these devices and networks turned into an opening for malware and hackers to exploit.

Attacks on non-traditional sectors such as agricultural farms and renewable energy projects have grown at unprecedented rates. Such attacks are designed to increase the rate of inflation in select countries by increasing energy and food prices.

AI-powered cyberattacks are evolving at a frightening pace and the report reveals many aspects of how hackers use AI to improve cyberattacks.  Still in its early days but in the next few years, hackers will deploy AI to identify potential targets for cyberattacks, as well as use a wide array of datasets and tools. From an execution standpoint, by the end of 2023, we will see the entire lifecycle of an attack being managed entirely through AI-based tools. Right now AI is being used by hackers in a few areas of the overall lifecycle of an attack and this will change soon.

You can download the very detailed report with plenty of graphs and insights at https://sectrio.com/iot-security-reports/2023-ot-iot-threat-landscape-report/.

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