Shahab S, Vajta L. 2021. Effects of Electric Vehicle Charging Stations on Electricity Grid: Challenges and Possible Solutions. Workshop on the Advances of Information Technology 2021 (WAIT 2021).


Workshop on the Advances of Information Technology 2021 (WAIT 2021)

Shahab S, Vajta L


Today, the number of registered Electric Vehicles (EV) worldwide is increasing rapidly, and they introduce new challenges to the grid as they affect the load profile. This additional energy required for new EVs needs to be provided by the network; thus, electricity companies must find solutions to provide the vehicles with adequate power and prevent loads from unbalancing. Various solutions can be employed by electricity companies, such as construction of new charging stations, establishing energy storage systems to charge the EVs, introducing limitations on the consumption of the users, and presenting optimal solutions and algorithms to distribute the power between EVs based on different parameters, such as dynamic pricing and load sharing. In this paper, issues regarding the charging of EVs are studied, possible solutions will be proposed, and the advantages and disadvantages of each one are investigated. Finally, some suggestions for future research will be made.

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