Takeaways from the IoT Day Roundtable

By April 12, 2021September 18th, 2021News

On Global IoT Day, four H2020 projects – IoTAC, SerIoT, SecureIoT, and Eu-IoT – organized a virtual roundtable discussion on 9 April 2021 to introduce their activities, and talk about the role of research in enhancing cybersecurity and its potential contribution to industrial and societal development.

The panellists emphasized the importance of cooperation of research projects and of leveraging each other’s results, so that when a project ends, its results should be carried over and continued by other research initiatives.
Another important form of inter-project collaboration is the sharing of research datasets as those are hard to find and expensive to generate. Open access publications and open access datasets provide even broader opportunities for collaboration and allow research projects to directly contribute to industrial development.
The panellists also agreed that research results need to be validated in commercial environments and know-how transfers need to be realized. Cooperation between research and industry is also important because it provides new testing opportunities and provides important feedback for the projects.

The importance of anticipating future challenges, especially in respect of cybersecurity, was also discussed. New technologies, the more widespread use of IoT, will generate new threats which we are going to fight with better tools, but it is important to educate the users about security threats and vulnerabilities, and how they can protect themselves. Basically, a new and strong cybersecurity culture needs to be established.


You can watch the recording of the event here:

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