Tripwire IoT Security Survey

By May 20, 2021July 14th, 2021News

While there are more than 10 billion active IoT devices, and the number is growing, design-level security isI not keeping pace with this growth. IoT security is a major issue for security professionals and executives, as Tripwire’s “IoT and IIoT Security Survey” shows.

312 individuals completed the survey who have direct corporate responsibility for the security of IoT devices in the US or Europe, in March 2021.

99% report challenges around securing their IoT and IIoT devices, and 95% are concerned about the security risks associated with their connected devices. 78% said that IoT and IIoT devices do not easily fit into their existing security approach, and 88% require additional help for their IoT and IIoT security needs. 88% follow some kind of security standard or framework, and 72% of those are audited for them.

IoTAC plans to ease this dire situation with its comprehensive approach of combining secure access control, AI-based attack detection, honeypot, checkpointing and runtime monitoring into a secure gateway validated against a set of standards and security recommendations.

For a more detailed overview, download the Tripwire survey at

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