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Vulnerability Disclosure Policy of IoT Vendors

The IoT Security Foundation published its “Contemporary Use of Vulnerability Disclosure in IoT” report for the 4th consecutive year. The 2021 edition explored whether the 315 companies observed – providers of B2C (266 companies) and B2B (49 companies) IoT products – comply with the requirements of ETSI 303 645 and…

Clustering Workshop “Future Proofing and Certifying Supply Chains” on 13. December 2021

The Clustering Workshop co-organized by H2020 projects ASSURED and CYRENE aims at bringing together projects that target Supply Chain Security, Resilience and Certification aspects, experts, members and consultants from standardization and certification bodies for exploring synergies and identifying actions that can be pursued in common. IoTAC is happy to be…

Top 3 Attacks on IoT Devices in 2021

Attacks on IoT devices are on the rise. According to Sonic Wall’s Cyber Threat Report for Mid-Year 2021, IoT attack volume in the first six months of 2021 rose 59% over the first six months of 2020.  Firedome has collected the top 3 IoT attacks we saw in 2021: Verkada…